Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Conjuring Quantico is now Available in Audio!



  1. Hi Scott,

    I've been listening to the audiobook and found a couple of issues so far.
    What is the best way to inform you of issues? Post them here or send to your email address listed in Book 3?

    Audio 1:48:08 "Haim Levine from Portland, Oregon." Kindle location 902: "Haim Levine from Portland, Maine."

    Audio 2:26:36 "The leader of the London Vampire Coven voluneered to be part of the spell." to the end of chapter 8 is missing. (Aproximate Kindle locations 1210 to 1274)

  2. a new version is being uploaded this week. we found out that that ACX (amazons audio folks) actually lost the original file and the replacement got "corrupted" It was supposed to be out way back in late December. They are redoing The prequel, slowing it down a bit. I just got word that probi is done and is in final production. thanks Scott

    1. Thanks Scott. I'm looking forward to listening to Probi too!