Saturday, January 14, 2017

Working away on the New book.

We have finally gotten settled in the new place and I'm hard at work on Special Agent in Charge. I'm 20,000 words into the book so far. Here is a tiny taste.  An unedited Sniplet to quote my Wife.

This will be a team effort from now on. A demon, a dragon, the Fae, and a cult are too much for one Agent to handle on their own. Even is that Agent is a kick-ass Witch.” She smiled at me and laughed. “You did good work this year Agatha you should be proud.”

“Everyone keeps telling me that. I still wish Jack were along.”

“Jack will be fine. He’s like that motorized rabbit. Nothing stops him. We, or I should say Washington, has assigned you a small team. In addition to your RV there will be a portable lab with techs to run it. They have assigned two investigators as well as a facilitator. The facilitator is an older Agent with media, public relations, and tact. He will be your liaison with local law enforcement and other Government entities. You however are the one that is ultimately in charge of the whole thing.”

I felt my mouth drop open again. If I can’t keep it closed something would start to nest in there. “How many people am I responsible for?”

All I could think of was payroll and accommodations. The RV could only sleep so many. Where were these people staying and how would I keep them fed?


  1. I realize this is unedited, but the sentence starting with 'the facilitator ' is missing something.

  2. Sorry... meant to add, REALLY looking forward to the next book!

  3. Cant wait!!!!!!!! no seriously i cant wait, work faster!! lol x

  4. I'm at 24,000 words and ch 8. so about a third of the way thru it. I wrote a 6000 word short story starring Fergus and is about his lost love. a cross between a Love story and an origin story. It will be in an Anthology of love stories coming soon from another author. When i get the details of it I will of course post them. Working hard to get this one out. THanks Scott

  5. Hmmm 24k words and 8 chapters and only about a third done yippee so we're talking about 75-80k words and 24 chapters goodie