Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snippet time. Here is #03 From Special Agent in Charge


 “You again.” The blond receptionist glared at me from behind her fort-like desk.

“I’m here to see the Director. Do I need a badge?” I smiled.

“Congratulations on your status as a full agent, Agatha. You can head right in.”

“Wow, no insults? I’ve been gone too long. Believe it or not Melissa, I’ve missed you.”

“Hardee’har har. Get moving before I have you dragged out of here.” Melissa and I buried the hatchet over a year ago but we still liked to antagonize each other.

Smiling I walked down the hall. Many of the office staff and security gave me surprised looks along the way. I guess the news was out I was back!

“Agatha! Welcome back. We have so much to talk about.” Director Mills was standing near her receptionists desk as I approached.

“Hi Director Mills.” Looking past her I could see one of the B’s sitting at the desk.

“Beatrice? Did you get a promotion?”

The twin in question pointed at herself. “Me? No. I’m just filling in for the moment. Do you have Fergus with you?”

I smiled and silently fished him out of my pocket and handed him over. Fergus and his women. He seemed to attract them.

The Director stared at the tiny Unicorn prancing around on top of the desk for a moment. “Let’s go in my office.”

Little had changed as I stepped inside. A few new certificates and awards now graced her ‘I love me’ wall but it was still the same. “Have a seat Agent.”

Sitting I smiled at her. I wasn’t used to the title yet.

“How was your Probi assignments?”

“Incredible. Do you need me to report on them?”

She chuckled at me. “No it’s not necessary. I’ve got both the official and unofficial reports right here.”

Arching an eyebrow I asked. “Unofficial reports?”

“As an Agent you will find that some experiences are not worth giving specific details to the higher ups but your fellow Agents might find them humorous or educational. Jack and I were both taught to make two reports. One official and one not so. He slipped me a few of the unofficial ones. You do good work Agatha. Both I and my bosses are very impressed. So much so I have both good and bad news for you.”

My eyes widened a bit. What sort of new could this be?

“It’s not that bad! Don’t freak out.” Director Mills sat up straighter in her chair.

“Jack has decided to take a leave of absence from the bureau for a while. His reasoning is so he can spend more time with his wife and get his head on straight. I called him and he claimed the Fae mission shook him up.” She looked at me questioningly. “Do you know what he’s talking about?”

Thinking for a moment I knew. “He asked Anastasia in forensics how many of his cases involved the Fae.”

“What did she tell him?”

“I’m not completely sure. He was mumbling about the Fae after we got to his house. I called and asked Ana myself.”

“You did? Did she answer you?” Director Mills leaned forward in her chair.

“Sort of. She said that someone or something was blocking his memory of the cases involving the Fae. He lab had investigated over a dozen of them involving Jack. He never remembers them after filing his reports. This one, however, he remembered. Or at least he remembered the highlights of it.”

The Director nodded her head. “I can see that. OK for me that explains a few things. I, am aware of the existence of the Fae. I have to be to have this position. Most in Washington don’t believe they either exist or affect our lives. I imagine they would prefer it stay that way. Anything else?”

I almost asked about Anastasia but that really was something for much later. “Concerning Jack? No.”

“Hmmm. Ana is an enigma around here. She is older than just about everyone and is a force of nature when she wants to be. I ask because she is involved in what happens to you without Jack.”

My mouth dropped open. “Uh, what?”

“Jack is unique in the the Bureau. He’s the only Agent with years of experience with the paranormal in the Bureau. With him unavailable we don’t have anyone to supervise you.”

“Oh.” I closed my mouth and was suddenly worried.

“There is a plan but I thought you should be given a choice first.” The Director’s tone changed to one of a more serious nature.

“There are those in position’s of power that believe the Magical investigations division should be expanded and enhanced. Jack has done his duty for many years unaided and alone but the future is now.”

“So… What does that mean for me? I’m getting a new boss?” I looked at the Director.

“Not exactly.” Director Mills opened her desk and pulled out what looked like FBI credentials and tossed them to me.

I snatched them from the air and stared at them in disbelief. It was my picture, a shield, and the words: Special Agent in Charge. “You’re kidding.”


  1. OMG!! I'm thinking this book is gonna be better than the last one and frankly I wasn't sure that would be possible!

  2. When,oh when will the book be out. Please say soon. Re-reading the three out now.

  3. " my eyes widened a bit, what sort of NEWS

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  6. I saw a postcard with a picture of a jackalope (AZ version) on it. I bought it and would mail it to you if you would provide an address. Use my email (ed_pamedp@cox.net) if you want to keep address private. Ed

  7. Do you have the exact date of when book 3 will be released.