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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Today is National Unicorn Day!


National Unicorn Day is observed annually on April 9.
Unicorns have been a popular mythical creature since the Ancient Greek times, when people believed they lived in exotic India.  While they were originally considered to be fierce, powerful animals, they are now often seen as a symbol of love , purity, enchantment and magic.
Unicorns appear in many movies and cartoons as magical creatures.  They are depicted as a horse-like creature with a single pointed horn in the middle of their foreheads.  Unicorns are loved by both children and adults.


Make some brightly colored pancakes or cupcakes.  Decorate them with multicolored sprinkles or glitter.  Post photos on social media using #NationalUnicornDay


Within our research we have been unable to find the origin or creator of National Unicorn Day.

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