Monday, January 14, 2019

2018 the year in Review

2018 is over and 2019 begins.

This has been a year of heartbreak and break ups for both me and the TS Paul brand. We established the publishing company this year, if in name only. Great God Pan Publishing is now a thing. GGPP for short. That was one major goal out of the way. 

In April my Aunt Jean passed on. She'd fought cancer for years but was losing the fight. As a result she passed me her great American novel, The Murderers Diary and I published it. It's now available on all platforms worldwide. In September my father passed. He and his sister spoke on the phone everyday. It was a combination of that and his many lifelong illnesses. I will miss both of them. 

Due to a variety of reasons I broke off ties with both my fantasy co-writers last year. As a result, the books and things we've done together are reverting back to them and me much earlier than planned. Check their websites and pages for updates on that. 

The Athena Lee Chronicles are still in progress. Book 11 is out and will soon be joined by Book 12, Legacy. The series will end after 12 with a new second generation of stories starting soon after. I will update as they become available. 

On the Fantasy front I'm working. Draft of Dragons is half done and in progress. I got sick mid December and am still recovering from the Flu.

My illness slowed me down a bit but I'm "back on the horse" now. Even though I'm playing catch up a bit. 

For the coming year I have a great many projects, including the ones from last year I didn't get finished. 

Jack Dalton has three more to go but that is just the beginning.  Look for Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, and even some Post Apoc in the coming months. 


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  2. I enjoy your stories & ideas, but the inconsistencies of names in you Agatha series is extremely frustrating. You should consider a better editor or see about getting a small group of readers together to read the books before their available to the public to point out mistakes & give advice on flow problems. I'm an advanced reader for one authors series & I believe we help the authors out a lot plus we enjoy doing it. I know Agatha's last name has been Blackmore, Blackthorne, Blackwood & even's all very confusing & frustrating to follow, but your ideas are very good.
    I'm sorry about your losses. I understand the pain of losing a comfort is knowing mine aren't in any pain anymore.