Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Snippet Time

Check out this bit from the upcoming Athena Lee #12! 


I woke up from a deep slumber, suddenly realizing I was strapped onto a cold stainless-steel table. A strange, yet familiar voice droned on, as if reading from a script. Things like ambient room temperature, pH of the activating solution, and other scientific terms were bandied about.
“She’s awake,” said a female voice.
“No matter,” said the male voice.
“You must take special care with this one,” the female voice continued. “They want Athena to heal properly.”
I tried to look over but my upper body was immobilized. The man came into my view instead. I suddenly recognized him as Gamma 153. Somehow, I was back on Earth and I knew what was going to happen next. Gamma 153 expertly positioned my hips and made an incision to my abdomen with a laser guided scalpel. I was fully conscious during the operation but didn’t notice whether he applied any anesthetic. Yet, I felt no pain; only the coldness of a metal probe as he inserted it into the unnatural opening he had just made.
Without a word, the Gamma’s assistant handed him the correct tools and kept the wound clean, swabbing away any superfluous fluid that leaked out from within my body. I thought I would scream, but instead, I was more intrigued by what they were doing to me.
“Won’t be long now,” said the Gamma reassuringly as he finally looked me in the eyes. I must have had a look of bewilderment on my face.
With dumbstruck awe, I just nodded as if we had mutually agreed on a trivial matter. His assistant handed him a glass tube that was connected to a jar and some sort of machine. The Gamma activated it, where upon it made a sucking noise. Satisfied that it was operating correctly, he shut it off and then inserted it into my abdomen, following the path that the previous metal probe had uncovered.
I watched as the Gamma used the glass tube to extract many small orbs from within my body.
“No!” I screamed out, as the scenario played itself out, and I watched as my eggs traversed the glass tube and began collecting in the attached jar.
“I won’t take them all,” said the Gamma, chuckling. “There’s plenty where that came from.”
That was little consolation, as I felt violated. They had no right. But I could do little else as I was still their prisoner.

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