Monday, October 15, 2018

Mongo takes a trip

In the newest Mongo adventure, Mongo visits a small town in Alabama named Centerville. Centerville was and is a real place although nothing remains of it now. The main road into 'town' is now someone's driveway. While the town is gone the ghost stories remain.

No pictures exist of either the town historically or what is there at present but there are many other Alabama ghost towns. Places such as Arcola, Alabama.
It was an early 1800s settlement that was absorbed by the local plantations. Only the old homes remain.

Cahawba is another lost place. Only the schoolhouse remains sitting among the ruins. It was Alabama's State Capital in 1819.

Fort Gaines isn't exactly a ghost town. It's the site of a Civil War fort complete with cannons, a blacksmith shop, and tunnels to explore.

Riverton is no underwater, only its cemetery remains. 

The town that Mongo visits only exists in visual form as fiction but it makes for a good story. Join Mongo on his latest adventure. Check out Lost in Alabama today!

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