Thursday, September 20, 2018

Free Book of the Week

Here you will find two holiday tales that will make you wonder if indeed Magic is real. These stories fit like hidden puzzle pieces in the greater picture that is the Federal Witch Universe. 

Twas the night before Christmas… What happens when a doppelganger comes to town and starts making people think that Zoey is a prankster and a fraud? 

Pumpkin Patches are supposed to be full of wonderful and tasty fall produce but what if you find one that isn’t? Monsters have come to town and only one person in town is any sort of match for them. 

Both stories previously appeared in books that no longer exist as books.


  1. T.S. Paul: Did you have anything to do with the most recent release of Athena Lee, titled 'Forgotten Hope' in which rape and pregnancy were the foremost features of the story?

    I get that politicism is the current way of the world for people who want the world to move forward, but this was so far out of the story, that it is not only unbelievable as far as Athena is concerned, but it is also unbelievable.

    ...I genuinely hope that this story is not endorsed by you, and that the next Athena Lee novel, follows from 'War to the Knife' with her character exactly the same as she is.