Friday, July 20, 2018

Free Book of the Week!

Zoey has more than one serious problem in the town she calls home. A Wendigo is loose and the human authorities don't have a clue as how to stop it. It's one thing to be half fairy and have the entire town think you're touched in the head because you talk to yourself all the time but it's another to be needed by law enforcement. If a crazy monster wasn't enough she's spotted members of the Wild Hunt in town. Fae warriors and humans do not mix well together. No one else has the power or the means to make a lick of difference in the coming battle. 

It's her town. 

She going to protect it or die trying!

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  1. I love your writing! I started reading you because of Etheric Academy (?). I then got your Federal Witch series, followed by Athena Lee. I really have only one complaint: you need someone to edit your books! Badly! I keep finding missing words, incorrect punctuation, misused words, etc. I am a teacher (30+ years) & I have taught from 2nd - college & I would like to recommend your books, as well as Taki's, to my middle school & high school students. However, due to their poor writing skills, I can't recommend books with these egregious errors. Please contact me if I can be of assistance. (I'm sorry if this isn't the place for this but I really enjoy your books & have been very frustrated!)

    1. I've hired new editors. At moment they are working their way through the Federal Witch series. Besides the current book they have done all the way to Night of the Unicorn so far. As I get them I reload to amazon. The way amazon operates with updates is unless a manuscript has changed more than 20% they wont correct already purchased files. That part sucks. When I started writing I had nothing. No income or anything until maybe my seventh month of writing. Amazon pays on an 8 week royalty schedule. My editors were free. THey volunteered. Early in 2017 I made a connection with someone who purported to be a professional editor and who loved my books, a superfan. She joined me as a co writer (taki Drake) and still continued to edit her way. However she added more errors and at times changed the manuscript to read better TO HER. Its been an ongoing battle to pull away from that and still be civil. The new books coming out are way better. The athena Lee books are slated for re editing as well but only the Lost Pilot has been done so far. It takes time. I have 70 published works. My new team is getting there

  2. I agree with the previous comment. I love the stories, but all the spelling and grammar mistakes are annoying.