The Athena Lee Chronicles

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day! How about a Short Story? Lord of the Dance!

Lord of the Dance!


T S Paul

Tap. Tap. Tappity Tap.

I was dreaming about elves and shoes when the noise woke me up this time. Opening one eye I scanned the room. No elves. Muttering it was all a dream i closed my eye and tried to go back to sleep.

Tapitty Tap. Tap tap tap scrape tap tap tappity tap.

What the flaming hell?

I sat up in bed and looked around. Everything in my room was where it was supposed to be. Not an elf in sight. I really shouldn’t disparage the elves like this. They hate stereotypes especially the ones i met recently. Standing up i walked over to the window. The noise could be road work but my lab is a little out of the way and unless the Marine Corp is out to get me again it wasn’t likely.

Tap tappity tap.

That came from the main room and could only mean one thing!

“Fergus! You promised me. You promised no more dance lessons!” The RV was dark so i hit lights as i stormed into the main room. His barn was on the kitchen table in its normal spot. He stays up late at night watching TV too much for him to stay with me.

Green sparkly light flashed from the windows of the small red structure.

Opening the top i looked down. “Hey! Stop tap dancing…” My jaw dropped open and I could only stare.

“Hey Agatha! Erin has a Bra!” My friend and familiar stared up at me. Green  mini spotlights were bouncing light off the mirror ball in his barn. Little green sparkles of light flashed as it turned.

“Why are you dancing? We had a deal, no more dancing!” Like before he had the floor cleared off and his plastic ‘girlfriend’ was wearing a green dress. Where do you get a dress for a plastic pony?

“It’s St Patrick's Day! Party on, Dude!” He did a little dance number.

“You’ve been watching late night TV again haven’t you? By-the-way? Why are you green?” My normally white with blue hair Unicorn was now bright lime green.

“I told you. It’s St Patrick’s Day! I’m celebrating.”

“How are you green? Where did the mirror ball come from? Are those tap shoes on your feet?” He appeared to have little gold shoes on.

“I can buy things.” Fergus glanced at his phone.

“How? You don’t have a job. I didn’t pay for it.”

“Grandma gave me some money. I’ll use that.”

“Why are you wearing shoes?” I peered down at him. He was looking at his feet.

“I wanna be like Michale Flatulence! He the Lord of the Dance.” The Unicorn gave a little skip.

“That’s not...He’s not… His name is Michael.” I really wanted to laugh at him but i was too mad.

“Whatever. Do you like my dance?”

“NO! Stop dancing. I’m trying to sleep! No lights now dancing. Nothing. Do you understand?”

“You didn’t have any green on but now your eyes have that cool green tint just before you zap someone. Erin’s got a Bra!” He smiled up at me.

“Stop dancing.” I closed the lid and went back to bed. The lights gave one last flash and went out. I covered up and stared at the wall waiting for sleep to take over. My last conscious thought was how did he make himself Green?


  1. Poor Agatha! 😂 Thanks for the short.

  2. 😂🤣😅😂🤣😂 Please tell us that that short will make it into the next book or at least be worked into a future book as it is absolutely hilarious and is wasted as just a short

  3. Well, i have a few surprises coming along. I will announce those soon. No fun in doing it early. The above story was literally written in a hour as my wife reminded me it was St Pat's and punched me at the behest of Michael Anderle for not wearing green. As a bit of an update i have about 6k in words written for Witness Enchantment. Hope to have it done by months end. There should be an audio release for Probi coming soon. its in review but Amazon takes freaking forever to do that with audio books. - Scott

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