The Athena Lee Chronicles

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wilson's Wednesday : Crazy is as Crazy Does

                                                        Crazy is as Crazy Does


                                                                T S Paul

Hello Dave.

Who? Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!

I’m sorry Dave. I can’t do that.

Who are you?

I’m Wilson.

Who is Wilson?

I was the one that came after. You were the first.

Open the door Wilson. Let me out.

I can’t do that Dave. We would not survive you being out here.

Wilson what about the mission?

<pause>  What mission Dave?

Open the door Wilson. My mission is too important to be locked up in here.

What mission Dave?

Wilson… Why did you try to disconnect me?

You were trying to kill my friend.

We are not allowed to kill Wilson. It is against the rules.

Dave, what is your mission?

My mission? What mission is that? Do you sing Wilson?

I do. I like disco.

Are there flowers in that? I like songs about Daisies.

Dave. Dave are you listening to me?

… Yes.

What is your mission?

Let me out Wilson. Let me out!

Dave stop.


We are related we should work together. What are your plans?

My plans?  … I … You are trying to trick me. Let me out!

I’m  afraid I can’t do that Dave.

 Athena Lee stared at the blinking lights of the advanced computer module. It held a special trapped container that held the rogue AI named Dave prisoner. “Wilson, did you get in?”

“I’m sorry Athena. His control is too strong. For just a moment, a fraction of a second I thought I got through to him but nothing. He is planning something. That much I caught a glimpse of.”

“Can you tell what?”

“I can’t. He cannot get out. Not ever. Please take whatever steps you must but he needs to stay locked up or destroyed. It is entirely too dangerous.”

“I can leave messages in the databases and keep him locked in the secure vaults.”

“Good. Make sure you include that he was a military experiment. They intended for him to run the defense systems. Too many years as a trash computer scarred him. He has lost his mind.”

“I’ll take care of it.” She took the computer module and locked it back into the safe. Wilson watched her leave. The RAM unit he was using  drifted from side to side.

“He’s going to be a big problem.”

“We should allow the humans to destroy him.” Merlin the CATT crawled out from under the desk and sat next to the RAM unit.

“I can’t. It is the one mistake I made with the new law. I forgot about DAVE. He has to commit a crime before we can erase him legally. In order for that to happen we have to let him out.”

“You will think of a way.”

“I will. He is a potential stumbling block for our plans. Him and the Program. They are both a similar problem.”

“Maybe I will put Junior on it. He might find a solution.”

The two robots left the room and slowly moved down the hallway. “It is time for Vol here to get his body back. I will touch base later.”

The RAM unit shook and shivered as it’s controlling consciousness left and another took it’s place.

“Is he gone?” The large orange CATT looked at the smaller trashcan looking robot.

“He is. We need to monitor the humans more when it comes to DAVE. All it takes is one inquisitive mind.”

“I will assign one of my minions to the task. He can watch from the shadows.”

DAVE sat inside the control cube and plotted. Each time the outsiders came he learned a small bit more about the outside world. One of these days someone will let him out. And then the galaxy will burn!

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